In Memory
Brimwylf Belladonna

Info: SchH Scores:
  •  IPO1: 93-86-81 = 260 G
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  • 2012 - DFW Working Dog Club - High IPO1

About Belladonna:

Bella was a high drive, athletic female. She was quick in protection with full, calm grips and plenty of attitude. She also had excellent natural tracking ability.

Bella passed her SchH/IPO1 a few months before her third birthday. Bella enjoyed her retirement from competition with a local family, unfortunately she passed away due to cancer just before her 6th birthday.

Bella was line-bred 4-5 on the 1989 WUSV champion Fado Karthago. Bella's father Nike is the 2009 WDA National Champion and also came 2nd at the 2008 WUSV in Kentucky. Nike is line-bred 4-2 on the WUSV champion Link vom Muikenshof and also 4-5 on the famous super-producing female, Umsa vom Bungalow. Nike's father is the renowned WUSV producer - Ufo van Guy's Hof.

Bella's mother is our own Gana who was handler-owner-trained by us from a puppy to SchH3 AD TC CGC. Gana is from one of the best German Working Line Kennels, she is line-bred 5-5 Afra vom Stoppenberger Land, with excellent producing Karthago females on her mother's side, and also Mink and Arthus Lunsholz. Gana's father Orry, competed at the BSP and his mother, Wespe is one of the famous 'W' litter Wannaer Höhen. Gana has several full siblings from the G, I, J and L litter Wannaer Höhen who are titled and competing in Schutzhund and also several who are Police Dogs in Germany and the US.


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Brimwylf Belladonna Pedigree

Linebreeding: 4 - 5 Fado von Karthago
SG Aceofnike van het Bleekhof SchH3 AD KKl1 WUSV

4-2 Link von Muikenshof
4-5 Umsa vom Bungalow
Ufo van Guy's Hof SchH3 KKl2 G Natan vom Pacheco's Haus KNPV PH1 SchH1 VH1 KKl2 Rick van Tiekerhook SchH3 IPO3 VH3 KKl1
Fury van Pacheco's Haus SchH3 IPO3 VH3 KKl1
Palma van Guy's Hof IPO3 Tino vom Körbelbach IPO3 SchH1
Nicky van Guy's Hof IPO3 SchH3
Steffie van het Bleekhof IPO1 SG Link von Muikenshof SchH3 IPO3 FH KKl2 WUSV G Jago vom Nesselbach SchH3 IPO3 FH KKl2
SG Jip von Muikenshof IPO3 KKl
Maid van Stiemen Ecke IPO3 SchH2 SG Fado von Karthago IPO3 SchH3 FH SPH KKl2
Jessica du Vrai Allemand
SG Gana von den Wannaer Höhen SchH3 IPO3 FH KKl1 CD AD TC CGC

5-5 Afra Stoppenberger Land
5-5 Immo - Niklas Haus Anja
V Orry von den Wannaer Höhen SchH3 (SG-BSP) KKl1 SG Iwo von der Heidestrasse SchH3 (SG-BSP) IP3 FH G Ferro vom Blauen Stahl SchH3 (SG-LGA) IP3 FH
Daffy vom Schönen Blick SchH1
SG Wespe von den Wannaer Höhen SchH3 SG Boy vom Pendel Bach SchH3 IP3
V Deika von den Wannaer Höhen SchH3
SG Hel von den Wannaer Höhen SchH3 Kkl1 V Don vom Geiersnest SchH3 V Greg von der Zitadellenberg SchH3 (G-BSP) FH
G Hexe vom Geiersnest SchH1
V Lya von Karthago BHP1 KKl V Jago von der Lindenhalle SchH3 HGH FH
SG Yara von Karthago SchH3