Brimwylf Double O Seven

  •  Registered: AKC, UScA, SV
  •  DOB: February 19 2015
  •  Titles: IPO3 AD CGC
  •  ZB: SG
  •  KKl: (2018-19)
  •  HD: SV Normal (click here)
  •  EL: SV Normal (click here)
  •  Sire: Hobbit von der Donnerbrücke SchH3
  •  Dam: SG Brimwylf Calamity Jane (CJ) IPO3 FH CDX AX AXJ AD CGC Kkl
  •  Pedigree (click here)
IPO Scores:
  •  IPO1: 100-80-94 = 274 SG
  •  IPO2: 98-92-88 = 278 SG
  •  IPO3: 98-85-90 = 273 SG
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About Double O Seven:

Seven is a very active and focussed male from CJs first litter. He is maturing into a very nice working dog with very high desire to please his handler. Seven passed his BH and AD in the Fall of 2017.

Seven got his IPO1 in June of 2018 with a very nice 100 points in tracking! He then completed his breed survey in July and his IPO2 in November. He finished out 2018 with a very nice IPO3 at the DFW Working Dogs December trial.

Seven's father is Hobbit, a very strong, stable male with excellent aggression, drive and tracking ability. Hobbit won the 2011 Mid Central Regional Championships and has competed at National level several times. Hobbit's pedigree includes working lines noted for aggression and health, with several females with IPO3 and National level competition work. We love to see females in a pedigree with more than the required IPO1 to breed and competing at National level is a bonus but also proves the ability to travel and compete off their home field and on new helpers. Hobbit's mother line goes back on the same old herding lines as CJs father Javir. Hobbit's sister Happy has competed 4 times at the BSP, another sister, Hummel scored 96-98-98 in her IPO3. Hobbit's father Bandit achieved high protection with a score of 99 points at the 2007 BSP. We can't say enough about his exceptional breeding and relatives.

Seven's mother is our own CJ, who was bred, raised and titled here at Brimwylf. CJ's father Javir is the 2008 German National Champion (100-96-99=295). Among his many accomplishments, Javir has competed at the WUSV 3 times with a 3rd and 4th place finish in 2008 and 2009 and has finished in the top 3 at the German National (Bundessiegerprufung) 3 times. Javir's father line goes back to the excellent working dog, Claudius vom Hain, a line that is rarely seen. His mother line goes back on old herding lines. CJ's mother is our own Gana who was handler-owner-trained by us from a puppy to SchH3 IPO3 FH CD AD TC CGC. Gana is from one of the best German Working Line Kennels, she is line-bred 5-5 Afra vom Stoppenberger Land, with excellent producing Karthago females on her mother's side, and also Mink and Arthus Lunsholz.


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Brimwylf Double O Seven Pedigree

Linebreeding: 5-5,5 T - Breed von der bösen Nachbarschaft (Timmy - Timmy, Troll)
Hobbit von der Donnerbrücke SchH3

4-4 Gesse vom Arolser Holz
Bandit vom Zuchtgut SchH3 IPO3 FH2 (SG-BSP) KKl2 Nicko vom Heiligenbösch SchH3 IPO3 KKl2 SG Half vom Ruhbachtal SchH3 FH (G-BSP) KKl1
G Ina vom Haus Gard SchH1 KKl2
G Gitta vom Lisdorferland SchH3 IPO3 FH KKl2 Bingo von der Saarperle SchH3 IPO3 KKl1
G Jade vom Lisdorferland SchH3 IPO3 FH (G-BSP) KKl2
Anfa von Ellinor SchH3 FH Kkl2 LGA Nico vom Pedell SchH1 KKl1 V Yogy vom Wolfendobel SchH3 FH KKl1 BSP
Dasy vom Pedell SchH3 KKl1
Xira von der Adelegg SchH3 KKl2 V Kim vom Lisdorferland SchH3 DH2 FH KKl1 FCI
G Qenna von der Adelegg SchH3 BSP
SG Brimwylf Calamity Jane IPO3 CDX AX OAJ AD CGC KKl V Javir vom Talka Marda SchH3 AD KKl1 WUSV (V-BSP) G Dago vom schwarzen Pegasus SchH3 KKl2 V Marc vom Herkulesblick SchH3 FH KKl1
Boccia von der bösen Nachbarschaft SchH3 FH KKl2
V Quaste von Ankenrütt SchH3 FH KKl1 (V-BSP) V Aly vom Vordersteinwald SchH3 FH FH2 KKl1 WUSV (G-BSP)
Fenga von Ankenrütt SchH3 KKl2
SG Gana von den Wannaer Höhen SchH3 IPO3 FH KKl1 CD AD TC CGC V Orry von den Wannaer Höhen SchH3 (SG-BSP) KKl1 SG Iwo von der Heidestrasse SchH3 (SG-BSP) IP3 FH
SG Wespe von den Wannaer Höhen SchH3
SG Hel von den Wannaer Höhen SchH3 Kkl1 V Don vom Geiersnest SchH3
V Lya von Karthago BHP1 KKl