Merry Christmas!

We wish you a happy and relaxing holiday and best wishes for 2017!

What's been happening here:

Gana celebrated her 12th birthday in November, she recovered very well from bloat surgery in September and is now enjoying extra special Queen status in Mission, TX with Martin's parents.

Apollo continues to enjoy his retirement in England, sightseeing and making new friends every where he goes.

CJ had a quieter year this year, she had her second litter of puppies in May. She was a great mom and the puppies were all very uniform, strong and healthy. We had 4 males and 3 females.

Inigo went to Texas to our friend Randall to be his competition dog, we are excited to see what they achieve next year.

Seven spent time growing up and continuing his training. He is coming along very nicely with good drives and high desire to please.

Update on the C Litter:

Congratulations to Cabana on completing her Open Agility titles in standard and jumpers with weaves!